About Real Estate Services

RES Mission Statement

The mission of UCSC Real Estate Services is to provide a dependable source of real estate and asset management advice and services to the campus community.  RES serves administrative units, academic units, and auxiliary units.

RES Objectives

The objectives of Real Estate Services are to ensure that campus real estate requirements are fulfilled in an efficient manner, minimizing costs to campus units while also ensuring that risks are minimized.  To the extent that UCSC engages in commercial property management, the objective of the RES is to ensure that programmatic objectives are met, rents are competitive in the marketplace, and that net revenues are optimized.

RES Basic Services

  • Academic use permits -- off-campus properties
  • Events permits -- use of campus properties by off-campus entities
  • Negotiation -- leases, licenses, use permits
  • Due Diligence -- leases, acquisitions
  • Campus Approval -- leases, licenses, acquisitions
  • Lease Review and Support -- leases, licenses
  • Facility Management -- off-campus facilities

Where to Find Us

Our offices are at the Scotts Valley Center.  Please feel free to contact us.