Ad Hoc Events

Planning Events in UCSC Facilities (other than facilities listed on the Use Permits and Events Page)

In special cases, UCSC facilities may be used by non-campus groups for special events.  Any such event requires a campus sponsor, and the sponsor's Principal Officer needs to agree to the sponsorship.  

Process Details:

  • Event applicants might approach the campus via academic departments, Risk Services, or any other avenue of contact. These units can refer applicants to REO to explain the process, or provide this website.
  • Any event requires a campus sponsor.  Campus sponsors are responsible for smooth and safe operation of the event as well as the protection of all UCSC property and equipment. The campus does not have an Events Office to coordinate these activities, so if a potential applicant does not have a sponsor, REO will provide event applicants with names and contact information for possible sponsors, and will inform Planning Work Group of the request to obtain further direction. 
  • REO will coordinate with the sponsoring department, including provision of required documents for the sponsoring department to provide to the event applicant. These documents include an event summary form and a basic event permit form.
  • The sponsoring department is responsible for obtaining an event summary from the event applicant. This summary is used as the basis for review and concurrence by other relevant campus units.
  • Events with alcohol have a separate Event Summary with Alcohol and permit required.
  • The sponsoring department will ensure approval by Principal Officer or designee.  REO will assist the campus sponsor by coordinating a campus review of the event summary by all potentially affected units for comment and specification of any requested conditions for permit issuance. Review and comment can take the form of email from each reviewing unit or entries to the concurrence form, or both.
    • Building Facilities Manager (if applicable)
    • Physical Plant (Custodial, Grounds)
    • Campus Police (Security)
    • Transportation and Parking Services (Parking and Traffic)
    • Risk Services (Adequacy of standard insurance requirements)
    • Campus Fire (if recommended by Facilities Manager)
    • PP&C (if recommended by Facilities Manager)
    • University Relations (if event has potential community relations implications)
    • Other (as recommended by Facilities Manager or University Relations)
  • The sponsoring department submits the event summary form to Real Estate Office
  • REO sends the event summary out for campus review. 
  • REO drafts a license
    • Finds that basic event permit form is adequate OR
    • Modifies event permit form to incorporate conditions resulting from campus review
    • Permits with alcohol may have conditions that include the requirement to get a State ABC Permit.
  • REO provides the permit form and insurance documentation requirements to the event applicant, more insurance is required for events with alcohol
    • The sponsoring department is responsible for working with the event applicant to provide all the required insurance-related documents to REO, or directly to Risk Services if event insurance is purchased through
    • REO negotiates modifications with event applicant. Note: Any modification to indemnification provision requires Risk Services review prior to execution.
    • Events with alcohol, that require a State ABC Permit, must have a letter signed by the UCSC Police Chief, as part of the application for the ABC Permit. There are very important time lines to follow when applying to the State for the ABC Permit.
  • The event applicant executes two copies of the event permit and provides certificate of insurance as specified in event permit to REO
  • REO provides the certificate of insurance to Risk Services for review of insurance information provided by applicant and if acceptable, Risk Services signs the permit form
  • After Risk Services approves certificate of insurance, REO executes the event permit according to license delegations
  • REO provides the sponsoring unit with one original executed event permit to provide to event applicant and files second original executed event permit.
  • A copy of the State ABC Permit must be received by the REO before the UCSC Permit can be executed.