Use Permits and Events

Are you a non-University group (community or other outside group) interested in using a University facility for your event?

Here's how it works:

  •  If you want to use another facility, you need a campus sponsor, a department or unit in the University that is interested in supporting your use of the campus facility.
    • If you know what campus unit is going to be your sponsor, fill out the "Event Description" form and send it to your contact in the sponsoring department. 
    • If you are interested in holding an event that uses a UCSC facility but don't have a campus sponsor, contact Veronica Pena and we will work with you to find out if there is a unit interested in sponsoring your event.  Filling out an "Event Description" form can assist RES in making inquiries with prospective sponsors.

You will need event insurance, and will need to provide RES or the campus sponsor with two documents: 1) a certificate of insurance for the correct types and amounts of insurance; and 2) a copy of the policy endorsement naming the UC Regents as "additionally insured". 

  • Standard event insurance requirements will be sufficient for many events, but Campus Risk Services will review your event summary to determine if additional insurance is required; RES will contact you with any additional requirements. 
  • If your group does not currently have insurance sufficient for the event, event insurance coverage can be obtained via , using the "vendor" option for "tenant user liability insurance".   

Arrangements for event parking should be made through the Transportation and Parking Services Office,

Caterers, flower vendors, and any other vendors providing goods or services for your event will require vendor general liability insurance.  Have your vendor contact to determine their insurance requirements. 

If the campus determines that your event requires sanitation facilities, you can contract for delivery and removal of porta-potties.  There are many vendors in Santa Cruz County, which you can find on the internet with a search for "portable toilet rental santa cruz".  The vendor will be able to tell you how many you will need.  NOTE: the vendor will need to have insurance to deliver facilities on campus.  Please have them contact to obtain "vendor" general liability insurance if they don't already have a certificate of insurance on record at UCSC. 

Are you a campus unit that is considering sponsoring a non-University event in a campus facility?

Procedures vary depending on type of event. See procedures for Ad-Hoc events