Academic Program Services Overview

What kind of services do Academic Programs need from the Real Estate Services?  RES is the only campus office that is authorized to sign agreements on behalf of the University to use or lease non-University property, including access to field sites and leasing space in buildings. We are here to assist you in obtaining the permissions and agreements you need to conduct research or instruction off campus.

  • Do you need to conduct research or instruction on non-University property?

RES will work with you and with the owner of the property you need to access to develop a license, or off campus use permitFaculty, researchers, staff and students do not have the authority to sign permits on behalf of the UC Regents that are requested by property owners, but we can help negotiate acceptable permits and we have the authority to sign them on your behalf. 

  • Do you need to secure housing for a research program?

If you need long-term housing for a research program in Santa Cruz, Real Estate Services has experience in establishing a residential lease for an apartment to be used by research staff, funded by the research program.  If you need short-term housing at a research location, the Real Estate Office can help you review the short-term lease document and provide guidance on how to set up payment --  Contact Li-Chiu Miller and we'll help determine how to get started.  If your research is long-term and in a non-Santa Cruz location, we will work with you to negotiate a long-term residential lease and obtain campus approvals so we can execute the lease on your behalf.

  • Are you considering off-campus space for a research or academic program?

Contact us, or read about how to initiate an off-campus lease.  We can help guide you through the campus approval process, assist in identifying and selecting a site, negotiate the lease and tenant improvements, and help coordinate the tenant improvement and move-in process. 

  •  Do you have University space that you want to make available to a non-University entity?

Affiliations with non-University research groups or other entities sometimes include the use of University facilities by the affiliated entity.  Sometimes units decide to lease out space to a non-University entity that does not have a direct tie to ongoing research or instruction.  In either case, the use of campus space by a non-University entity needs to be documented in a lease or license (which can be an exhibit to a broader research affiliation agreement, such as a memorandum of understanding (MOU) or a Cooperative Agreement).  We can guide you through the campus approval process, negotiate the agreement, and execute the agreement to use campus space.

  • Are there other services you need that you think might relate to real estate or real property?

Contact Nicole Vamosi.