Off-Campus Use Permits for Academic Programs

Access Agreements to Use Private Property

If your research or instructional activities require access to property that isn't owned or managed by UC, the landowner will generally require that the University enter into some kind of use permit or waiver agreement, and will usually require that we provide a certificate of insurance.  RES will work with you and the landowner to develop an access agreement that conforms to the Regental and campus policies.  Risk Services cannot issue a certificate of insurance until there is an executed license agreement.

Please note that even if a landowner is willing to have you personally enter into an agreement, the campus cannot issue a certificate of insurance based on that agreement: the agreement needs to be between the Regents and the landowner, and only RES holds the delegation to execute these agreements.

Please contact Sana Amini as soon as you know that you may need access to non-University property.  Please anticipate that the negotiation and review process can take several months if the landowner does not want to accept UC's standard license terms.  Because each of these agreements is unique, they also require review by UCSC's Risk Manager and Campus Counsel.  We will keep you informed, and will work with you to expedite the negotiation, review, and execution of your access agreement in the shortest time possible.