Lease Support


The UCSC Real Estate Services provides facility management services for the following properties:

Scotts Valley Center (Contact:Nicole Vamosi)

MBEST Center (Contact: Barbara Moore)


RES is here to assist you in clarifying financial information related to your lease: rent, monthly maintenance (NNN) and tenant improvement (TI) charges.  RES can also help guide you in setting up your lease payments in CruzBuy and with FAST.

The process for setting up and modifying lease POs is detailed in the Lease PO Procedures document, including how to set up a "roll over line" to make sure your PO stays active throughout the term of your lease.  We can assist you in scheduling the annual NNN and rent increases that you will need to make annual change orders for your lease PO well ahead of when the new payments are due.

To ensure payments even when landlords do not send regular invoices, FAST encourages units to submit "Direct Payment" forms each month, prior to the lease payment due date.  RES can help you create a master copy of the direct payment form required to generate a payment for the monthly Rent, NNN & TIs.

If you need assistance with resolving a financial issue with your landlord, please contact Li-Chiu Miller.  She will work with you to analyze the financial question, and she will help you to coordinate with RES lease administration staff to help you manage your communication with the landlord.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: NEVER CANCEL A LEASE PURCHASE ORDER WHILE THE LEASE IS STILL IN EFFECT.  The purchase order (PO) should be a "Blanket," and periodic changes made via change orders to the blanket PO.  This is the only way that Plant Accounting can track the lease over its life for the purposes of the campus' financial statements.


Units should be familiar with the terms of their off-campus leases, but RES is here to help you with your interactions with your landlord regarding the terms of your lease.  The RES can help you with any questions you may have regarding interpreting your lease, please contact Nicole Vamosi.