Property Acquisitions, Dispositions, and Easements

Property Acquisition

RES coordinates the campus' decision to acquire property, including strategic analysis, financial analysis, and coordinating approval processes.  If the campus decides to pursue an acquisition, the University of California Office of the President's Real Estate Services Group (RESG) negotiates the purchase agreement, RES coordinates due diligence, while RESG handles the University approval process and the transaction itself. 

If you are a building owner or representative and you are interested in discussing a potential acquisition, contact us to discuss the campus' needs in relation to your property.


RES negotiates easements on behalf of the Campus.  An easement gives permission for a user to use (or prevent use) of an owner's property, in a form that is recorded and encumbers the properties record title.  An easement may benefit and be transferable with a specific piece of property ("appurtenant") or personal to the grantee ("in gross").  Easements are preferred when the use is long term, or when the right to use may need to be transferred.  RES will work with the entity seeking an easement on campus property or the owner of property for which the University seeks an easement to negotiate the terms of the easement, will determine the delegation for executing the easement, and will draft the easement document and coordinate its review, approval, and execution.

Disposition of Campus Property

Campus property is disposed of if it is determined to be surplus to the University's purposes, or as part of the management of endowment properties.  Sales are managed by the University of California Office of the President Real Estate Services Group.