Overview of Services for the General Public

Welcome to the UC Santa Cruz Real Estate Services.

Are you interested in holding an event on campus or in one of our off-campus facilities?

Are you interested in leasing space from the University for your business, non-profit, or other program? Currently, the campus leases space to organizations or businesses that have a programmatic relationship with the campus, if space is available.  Please contact Nicole Vamosi for more information.

Are you interested in leasing space at the UC MBEST Center in Marina CA, located on the former Fort Ord?  If so, please contact Nicole Vamosi for more information or go to the UC MBEST Center website.

Do you have a property that you are interested in leasing to the University, or are you interested in selling a property?  Contact us and we can discuss the campus' needs in relation to your property.  One requirement for any lease or acquisition is compliance with the UC Seismic Policy.  Other standard lease terms for UC leases are contained in the UC Standard Form Lease.

Current RFPs: Property owners and brokers should contact Nicole Vamosi to make sure you are on our broker list if you wish to be emailed future RFPs.  If the Campus is currently seeking leased space, we will post our RFP here.  Please check back!